Sugar and spice

In our opinion, one of the primary issues the accountant should assess before supporting a client is whether or not there would be a good fit between them.

Good chemistry (fit) in business is fundamental. But what is it and why is it so important?

What it is

Fit is everything from the relative size between client and accountant and whether or not the personalities are working well together. It is whether or not there is sufficient skill base within the practice to meet the client’s needs. It is about the size of the fees and whether they are too highly pitched for the needs of the client.

Good fit is about all of this and everything in between.

Why it’s important?

Good fit ensures clear communication. The client will understand what their accountant is doing for them and how they are being effective; and the accountant will be able to understand the needs of the client.

Good chemistry is ‘all things nice’, and anything less simply won’t work.

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