The Indispensables

Well not quite, but…

For anyone who doesn’t know us, we wanted to give you an outline profile of who we are, what we have done, and a feel for the sort of people we are.

James Mason large picture

James’ best asset is having a broad, modern business skill base, grounded in an international and corporate business environment, which he now uses to help small (and not so small) businesses.

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James Mason - Managing Director

James is responsible for all things related to client support, tax issues, client business reviews, solving client problems, client business development and dealing with HMRC when the need arises.

He is also responsible for developing the practice and keeping staff morale optimised, which he executes brilliantly through an excellent repertoire of comedic verbal exchange!

Four years' training with a firm of Chartered Accountants, five years in Private Banking, six years in International Retail, one year overseas, one year as a windsurfing instructor, followed by eight happy years (and many more to come) back in practice helping businesses locally, nationally and internationally.

Career highlights include reporting at board level for two UK blue chips in Financial and Management accounting roles. Both required international and UK taxation skills and knowledge necessary to ensure all business units, divisions and charges under his wing worked both operationally and profitably.

Coming from a retail and construction family with honed skills from private banking and international retail, James now focuses his skills where he says they matter most, “On the high street and in the local business community”.

Blaniad Mason large pricture

Blanaid's attention to detail ensures mistakes don’t get made… but if they do, then they get fixed fast. You could not want for a better accountant helping you to look after and protect your business.

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Blanaid Mason - Finance Manager

Blanaid is a truly gifted FCCA accountant with a proven background in private practice, internal and external audit and treasury management she has excellent track record for delivering financial and management accounting and tax planning.

Performing or overseeing most of the accounts preparation and tax work, she essentially runs the engine room of the business, and is also responsible for all statutory work and compliance.

Blanaid brings to the business a tenacious approach, ensuring that deadlines are met by both us and our clients. She makes sure we all do what we should be doing, when we should be doing it.

Blanaid’s attention to detail in areas of tax, legislation, and regulatory control is essential to the work we do on our clients’ behalf. In addition, she constantly brings added value to each job so that rather than being just a number cruncher she identifies and brings to the attention of clients the issues that can help them to improve their businesses and operations.

Being approachable and helpful is key to our business and Blanaid is always happy to assist with any queries you may have regarding your business or tax affairs, however simple or complex.

Rachael Mason large picture

Rachael's is the quiet voice that you first speak to when you call us. Her excellent customer service skills front our reception here at Fifth Element and when she’s not doing that she’s usually sorting James out.

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Rachael Mason- PA/Reception

Rachael recently finished her A-levels and is working with us before deciding what to do next. Despite our best efforts she has started to show a keen interest in accountancy and taxation; there are even early signs of her enjoying the statutory compliance aspect of what we do which is almost unheard of.

In her spare time she says she enjoys running, going to the gym and eating Thai food. I suspect not at the same time but you never know.

Rachael’s primary role is to provide support for our clients when and wherever they need it. If James isn’t around then Rachael will be there to help you. She also manages the office to ensure everything is in order and that the team have everything they need as and when they need it.

She is probably the softest one in the office and arguably the brightest, although James is disputing this avidly. Her ability to multi-task and keep the 'engine room running' is a fantastic asset to have within the practice.

If you need someone you can rely on, who is helpful at all times, will never flap and who can multi-task until the cows come home then Rachael is the one.