Bookkeeping made simple

It will probably come as no great surprise that the quality of the bookkeeping and accounts preparation software used by the accountant will have a direct impact on the client.

The speed at which the client’s data goes into the accounts preparation software and is processed and prepared, ultimately determines the time it takes to do the work; and this in turn determines the size of the fee.

Heart & Soul

We have put Speed-e-books at the heart of our operations quite simply because it is the fastest accounts preparation process on the market today; and this helps us to not only keep our fees low but enables us to spend less time on what our clients have done, and more on what we can do to help them develop going forward.

And there’s more

Speed-e-books is by far the best product for small businesses who want to type up their own entries. It is Excel-based so immediately familiar to everyone, requires no training, and works as simply as entering all your income on one page and all your costs on another. The program and your accountant then take care of everything else.

We are a speed-e-books affiliated practice

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Speed-e-books is fast becoming the accountant's program of choice for processing their clients records and preparing their accounts… and the client’s choice for typing them up.

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