Going it alone

We are very aware of the issues that face the Freelancer when they ditch the safety of the big corporate to go it alone. Indeed, that’s how we started.

Our Freelance clients include

Business type Market sector Size
IT engineer B2B £45k
Web developer B2B / B2C £65k
Broadcasting News / media £125k
Administrator B2B / B2C £32k
Accountant International £120k
Researcher Government / public £72k
Engineer Specialist £95k

The Model

The Freelance equation

Specialism + Good Admin + Support = Max Profit

We ensure the Freelancer gets the support they need. They may have a lot of questions, often with no-one to ask, so we make sure we’re here to support them.

The Fifth Element

Here’s how we pull things together for you:

  • IR35 advice
  • Full company administration
  • Collect & Deliver bookkeeping and paperwork service
  • Expert company formations
  • Integrated company & personal tax planning
  • Employment status advice
  • Specialist knowledge

Our Freelancers know that we know their business and that we know how to support them properly.

Please call 01273 862 260 to find out more about how we can help you with your accounts, tax, payroll, bookkeeping and business development.