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Brighton Physiotherapy Clinic

"Always on hand and always very helpful. I drop my books off, you do my accounts, tell me how much tax I have to pay and take the time to explain things. Fantastic. Thank you."

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We are proud to work with Brighton Physiotherapy Clinic, one of Brighton's longest established registered health care practices.

What we have done

Sara is always one of the first clients to bring her books in which enables us to get the job completed in plenty of time before the second self-assessment tax payment is due. In addition to making sure the business pays no more tax than it is legally obliged to, we review the business and advise on anything that we can help with.

How we have helped

We have provided a range of services over the years including assistance on employment issues, bookkeeping processes and lease negotiations. We have assisted Sara with the negotiation of a sub-let of premises and assisted to help restructure the business cost base. Recently we have contributed to protect the IP of the business.


It is fundamentally important to us that we do more than just add up the numbers but provide genuine business development advice for all our clients.