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Neil Webb

"Thanks for all your great help with our accounts over the last years, it has really made life easier for us!"

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Neil initially came to us looking for VAT advice and since then we have diligently looked after his business and personal tax affairs.

What we have done

After sorting out an early on VAT issues, we restructured the business into company status ensuring as part of the company formation process that the proper tax planning was effected. We then installed a full 'collect & return' bookkeeping and VAT accounting service to allow the business the extra time to increase its fee earnings potential.

How we have helped

Neil was new to company status trading and so we provided the necessary support from monthly salary payments instead of drawings through to dividend extraction and disbursement claims. The process has helped us form a great business relationship and an inside working knowledge that most accountants are unable to give to their clients.


We reduced the business's liability to tax and NI deductions and we have given Neil a level of business understanding which puts him at ease.