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Retail Directions

"As an overseas company based in Australia, operating in the UK, we need a firm of accountants who specialise in both UK and international tax and operational issues. And this is exactly what they do, very well."

Retail directions


We first met with Andrew Gorecki of Retail Directions about 6 years ago when they were looking to expand their operations into the UK.

What we have done

We formed a private limited company to best facilitate UK based trading, employing locally, effective VAT accounting and for the parent company to have clear ownership. Our purchase and formation services delivered the appropriate business set-up and our comprehensive company administration services ensured full statutory compliance.

How we have helped

Since setting up the business we have implemented a full bookkeeping service and have helped with strategic legal, commercial and employment issues. For overseas companies, it is essential to effectively manage the international accounting, taxation and statutory reporting issues where there is a parent company based outside the UK.


The confidence of knowing that their overseas business interests are in good hands is the principle benefit that we have brought to Retail Directions.