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Wolfstrome Design

"Thanks guys. Couldn't have done it without you. Business advice, re-structuring, great tax planning, all with a friendly smile and easy to understand. Well done!"

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Wolfstrome Design is a truly innovative design practice that produces inspirational work; added to which, Richard is a terrific chap to work with.

What we have done

The practice was originally trading as a partnership which we re-structured into a company using all the necessary purchase, formation and tax planning due diligence. We ensured that a clear transition of the business was effected without issue and have helped with various commercial and tax-based business decisions along the way.

How we have helped

Over the years, we have worked proactively to support the operational improvements Richard has made whilst ensuring transparency and a detailed understanding of the various business and tax issues involved. We believe it is very important that every business owner is given the time to have the full details explained to them at all times.


We work hard to ensure that all our clients have someone they can to talk to when they need to make those important business decisions.